"I commissioned a book cover through Mitch, for my folk horror book Meshkwadoon. With the commission, he sent me 4 original concepts within two-weeks of commission date. All 4 looked amazing and original. I was so stoked about each concept design that I truly didn't know which one to pick... In the end, I decided to use them all for different Book hardcovers. I highly recommend. Super impressed." - Alex Tilley

"Mitch worked his magic on my book cover, and I’m stoked with how wickedly beautiful it turned out! It was so easy to communicate and collaborate with him. He really brought my vision to life and was very responsive throughout the process. I highly recommend him and will definitely be using his creativity for future projects." Kacey Rayburn

"I have been following Mitch for a looooong time, waiting for the right time to finally commission some work. Finally did it and he did not disappoint! Not only are the concepts he provided an exemplary testament to his many talents and perfect for my novel, he's been super patient through the process of figuring out what I need for my book cover. I can't fathom using any other artist for my novels  Thank you so much, Mitch!" - Nakanee Monique

“Mitch is an incredibly talented artist! He created a fabulous and striking cover for my book, “I’m sorry, but I think I still love you…”. Mitch was so great to work with: kind, patient, enthusiastic, and I am very grateful to him. 

I was presented with and impressed by three unique designs which were all special in their own ways and it was difficult to choose between two of them! He was happy to make alterations I asked for, too! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mitch!” - Lauren M. Hancock

“I messaged Mitch to discuss creating a cover for my debut poetry collection on religious trauma, and I had no specific vision for what it should look like. I was struggling with ideas and decided to leave the art to the artist. When I received the book cover image, I was stunned—somehow, without ever sharing my poems or identifying specific word choice/animals/nature elements/images, Mitch created a beautiful cover that included 6 symbols that connect directly to poems and themes within my book. He is super easy to work with, incredibly intuitive, and would be an asset to anyone’s book project." - Shannon E. Stephan

"Mitch is SUCH a talented and inspired artist. He really knows how to bring your ideas to life! I’m SO happy with the cover for Carnage. It is mysterious and beautiful and embodies the book perfectly. THANK YOU!" - Jenna Malin

"Mitch absolutely blew my mind with his artwork the first time I’d seen it, then he blew me away again when he worked up a cover for my novel, The Word of the Rock God. Genuinely, when I saw the image it spoke to me. It said, “hey, I’m here to make everyone want your book”, and it does that perfectly!" -Brooklynn Dean

"Mitch Green is the most talented artist I have ever worked with. He designed the outside and the inside layout of my book “The Light Inside.” Which then became a top-seller due to his beautiful art. Mitch is affordable and extremely quick. His work is perfection and he has an unparalleled artistry. I would easily compare his talent to some of the greatest artists of not only our time but previous times. He is pleasant, patient and shows excellence in his work. There is no one I can recommend more at this time in my career. If you want a best-seller I recommend him. He has done gorgeous work for my friend writers as well."  -Lavender Rose

"I feel very lucky to have found Mitch and even luckier to have collaborated with him for my first book. He masterfully made his aesthetic match my vision for the design of the project. I have often thought that this is what it must feel like to know (and work with) someone before they breakthrough and make everyone wish they got in on the ground floor with him when they had the chance." - joel anthony ciaccio, author of The Eternal Season and the Age of Light

"Mitch is an absolute artistic mastermind!!! I get so excited to finish writing a book just for his artwork alone! I have barely ever even given him much to go off, because I always know he will create something insanely genius through his own interpretation. That characteristic alone is enough to want to work with him, but outside of that, his creative brain flow his imagery in his artwork is just otherworldly. I have truly never seen anything like it, every time he sends me a new set of cover designs I am somehow more blown away than the previous ones. I would recommend (and do!!) to everyone looking for book design and formatting. He has the writer’s insight and intuition as he is a (phenomenal!) published author himself, and again the artwork is undeniably electric so you can not go wrong with this man!!" - Priscilla Cash

“Mitch blew my viewership away with his cover design for VANILLA! My fans were absolutely astounded and the cover art was the focal point of the book!!! Amazing job!!!” - Mona Kabbani

“Mitch was a delight from first contact to final concept delivered. He harnessed the horrifying image that was rattling around in my brain, and he didn’t hesitate to deliver the same fright to my cover. I recommend Mitch to anyone who truly wants a masterpiece and nothing short of it. My entire experience was exactly what I wanted and I’m certainly returning to work with him in the future.” - Joseph Pesavento

“Mitch is an amazing artist, and his work is fresh and stunning. I chose Mitch to do my cover design for my upcoming book that's being released in the future. He did not disappoint; his work and vision blew my mind. I'm excited to release my new book and very proud to have had Mitch do the cover. He's one of the best in the design industry.” - Robbie J Sherrah 

“Working with Mitch has been the blessing of my author life. Having come across his work has brought so much fire and excitement while working on my projects. Being able to work with illustrations designed solely for your book feels so personal and so powerful. Especially when we're talking about Mitch his designs. No other illustrator has vibed with my own personal style as much as Mitch. And it is a delight working wifh him. His patience is a blessing. I have been shy to request changes, but his open mindedness is incredible and his patience and kindness seem endless. Thank you so much Mitch. Your work is a blessing. Keep up the fierceness!” - S.A. Quinox

"Mitch has worked up several book covers for me, and each one is a dark masterpiece. His stark evocative artwork pairs so well with my fiction, and I'd highly recommend him. Easy to communicate with and he'll bring your vision to life." - Jeremy Megargee

"I became aware of Mitch's art from a few friends on Instagram. He had created their book covers for them. I followed his page and was immediately in love with his work. It's very original, dark yet beautiful. Weeks later, it struck me that his style would suit my next release completely! Having been suggested his services by author Gillian Dowell, I reached out to Mitch. The turnaround was incredibly fast, the work for my cover being completed in about 2 weeks. On top of that, he was just great to work with. Hire Mitch. You won't regret it!" - Alexander Michael

"Mitch has the incredible ability to bring the creative visions in one's mind to life through his art. His work is impressive, uniquely beautiful, and it's a pleasure to get to collaborate with someone as passionate as he is. My first, wonderful experience working with Mitch on a project will keep me coming back: he's undeniably skilled at what he does--a true Cover King." - Gillian Dowell

"I found Mitch from a book cover he made for a poet I follow, and loved his style so much that I asked him to create a logo for my business. After listening to me babble for days, working his butt off for me for weeks, and creating 14 different concepts (all patiently and kindly, mind you!), I fell in love with the perfect design. He brought into reality an idea I had, more perfectly than I could of even hoped. 100/100 recommend working with Mitch at Rad." - Kyleh Linda

"The artwork is just so perfect, I teared up. Seriously, it's perfect. Thank you again!" - Toni Hoyer

"Honestly it's fucking perfect." - Melissa Wilder

"DAAAAAAMN HOW MY SUPPOSED CHOOSE! Holy shit, love them all." - Samantha Lucero

"Oh WOW. Man that has taken me forever to choose!! They are STUNNING." - Rachel Finch

"HE IS THE MAN. Period. Absolutely subperb work and work ethic. Mitch has an unmatched artistic vision and designing skills. We began our professional relationship back in 2015 and I know for a fact we will keep working on future projects, or at the very least refer others to seek his services. I cannot complain. He puts great effort and thought into his craft and is not happy until the client is satisfied. But if I'm being honest, chances are you'll be blown away from the get-go. He has my recommendation, 100%" -Neithan Levi

"LOVE IT! Tears of joy!!" - Shaneka Willingham

"I absolutely adore what you've done on this project. The images really capture the complexities and essence of Deep Survival, all the while being crisp and unique." - Ryan Morrow

"OH, MY GOD! They are beautiful! There aren't words to describe how talented you are. All of them are amazing." - Amber Baker

"Hands down this is it. Its more than perfect. Mitch is an excellent and professional artist and I cannot recommend him more." - Camille Inkwell

"I know I have said it before, but you are badass talented as they come. These are bloody gorgeous." -Nicole Lyons

"I have worked with Mitch on all three of my books and continue to work with him on current and future projects. I wouldn't go to anyone else for design work. Not only is he excellent at what he does, but he takes the time to get things perfect in order to match my vision. He's extremely receptive to his client's ideas and does a superb job of translating those ideas into his designs. Plus, he's just a swell guy and easy to work with." - Rhett Pritchard / S.L. Foxton

"Omg Mitch! Epic designs! Dude the depth in the artwork though....incredible! I absolutely love it!" - Dena Daigle

"Thank you very much for the concepts, your artwork is beautiful." - Tene Edwards

"They're awesome!! and inventive! Just blew my mind!" - 
Bene Kusendila

"The cover concepts are AWESOME! My favorite is the first one! The body looks real but not grotesque; it's perfect!" - Patrick Hart

"WOW! They are all absolutely incredible, I sincerely appreciate you putting them together for me! I've totally fallen in love with the 2nd one, it literally is my dream cover." - William M. Peaster

"I love it! It is amazing! Good job!" - Saab Wise

"You did a fantastic job capturing the picture I had in my head for this cover!!" - Kayil York

"The cover is just WOW! I loved it. It's exactly what I needed and I am really glad to see it." - Huma Adnan

"It is all perfect. Absolutely, 100% perfect. Top notch. The kind of book I'd always envisioned that I'd call my own." - Ruby Dhal

"Mitch is great and always ready to make the job perfect! He's super easy to work with and always goes above and beyond. Will definitely be back again." - David Zulberg

"Mitch Green is a genius. He works magic in every form. From the cover art he did for my book to the interior layout and custom pages. He was so easy to work with and accommodating in the many changes I made. I have recommended him already to other writers and will for sure be using him again!" - Simi Fromen

"I love love the cover right now and I am so excited. You delivered just what I wanted." - Sheila Chanase

"Thanks again Mitch, I truly appreciate you and the time you took to create and design the cover, your work is amazing." - Tyrezzy Bey

"Hey Mitch the book came in today! It came out Phenomenal!" - Joe Adomavicia

"Super talented, professional, and quick to deliver results. Great experience and highly recommend." - Tasha Gregory
"Jumps out to my soul. You did an incredible job and wish I had better words or more, but I am literally speechless!!!!! You knocked it out of the fucking park brother." - Zachry K Douglas

"Mitch, I commend you on your work ethic and professionalism when it comes to your book cover designs and running RAD Publishing. You were able to fully capture what I envisioned for my Duly Noted in just a few words I used to describe the essence of my chapbook. I can't wait to work with you again on a cover again." - Reggie Johnson

"It looks amazing, Mitch! You outdid yourself, took my vision and really brought it to the next level. The interior is definitely reflective of the light tone. The envelope idea was a brilliant touch! You're very timely and super professional." - Robert Fowler

"My gratitude goes towards you and Rad Press for the amazing outcome of my latest music video. Not only have you openly promoted underground artists, you've brought to life an image I could only dream of at one point. I cannot wait to show off the finished project with others, with cinematography accredited to you!" - Abby Chaney

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mitch on a number of my projects; not 1, not 2, but 3 separate covers he has done for me. After the first, it was a no-brainer to have him design my book covers for my other projects. I have gotten so many compliments and great feedback on the cover design of my debut book "The Puzzle: Finding That Missing Peace". He captures the exact illustration to depict the perfect setting for the book and he does this in one go, literally on his first concept creation he nails it! I had no issues of any sort working with Mitch. Dude is talented and amazing at what he does. Not only quality designing, but quality service as well. I'd recommend him to anyone wanting design services. Keep up the great work bro!" - I. Wimana. C

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